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What are Name Stories®?

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Our personalized art prints celebrate the singular story of each name’s remarkable journey through history, featuring a detailed account of the name’s origin, meaning and how it managed to survive the test of time. The descriptive words at the bottom of each print reflect the spirit and energy of the name’s “Destiny Number” according to numerology.

Whether it’s the name of a newborn, teen, or grown-up, a family member, friend, teacher, co-worker or any special someone, each story is an inspirational reminder of the name bearer’s core identity - that one wonderful word by which one is known.

As a gift or keepsake to honor and inspire someone special in your life, our art prints make for smart, engaging and distinctive décor. Combining typography with artistic expression, our original content is a result of years of rigorous research and carefully curated pieces of history. Every story we tell, we tell with love.

What is involved in creating the content for each Name Story?

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Shakespeare famously asked “What’s in a name?” Well, as it turns out, a whole lot!

Every name has its own personal story: When and where did it develop? What is its etymological source? Whom did it originally belong to? Why did it endure, and how has it been used over time? Each Name Stories® print tells this unique and personal story with an artistic rendering.

Julie Hackett, founder of Name Stories®, has dedicated years of rigorous research to answer these questions for thousands of personal names. The information we collect and discover about each name is then presented in a print with the following main components to it: 

The featured name
The name's key meaning
Nine descriptive words derived using numerology. For more about this topic, visit our blog

You also have the option to add a personalized expression that will be printed above the name on your print.

How are the descriptive words on the bottom of each print determined?

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Along with the featured name, its key meaning, and the body of each name’s “story”, our prints feature a set of positive and uplifting descriptors/adjectives based on a name’s Destiny Number in numerology. A name’s Destiny Number is calculated by assigning a numerical value to each letter, then adding up the numbers until the figure is reduced to a single digit value.

Our Name Stories® feature 11 different Destiny Numbers and archetypes, so they are not unique to each name. We think it helps to think of the Destiny Numbers and corresponding archetypes used in Name Stories® as similar to the 12 signs of the zodiac in astrology. Just like one's zodiac sign is based on birthdate, a name's Destiny Number "is what it is", and it would not be unusual for family members to share the same one.

You can read more about Destiny Numbers used in Name Stories® prints in our blog post about Name Stories and Destiny Numbers.

Where are Name Stories® products made?

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Framed and unframed artwork is made to order and professionally handcrafted in our California and Oregon facilities.

 What paper and ink do you use for printing?

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We use high-quality heavyweight fine art paper and archival inks to create beautiful art prints with vibrant long-lasting color, clear text and crisp imagery.

Do you offer framing?

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Yes! We offer the option to order your Name Story professionally framed. Each solid wood frame is handcrafted in the U.S. and available in smooth matte black and soft matte white painted finishes. With a buffered acid-free mat and backing to beautifully showcase your art, framing-grade acrylic glazing filters UV rays for protection and longevity. Frame is finished with a dust cover, wall bumpers and wire ready for hanging!

8x10 art prints are set in a frame measuring 12x15 inches on the outside edge. 11x14 art prints are set in a frame measuring 17x21 inches on the outside edge.

How much are Name Stories®?

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We offer 2 sizes of unframed art prints. 8x10 inch prints are $29 each and 11x14 inch are $36 each. Prints are made with archival inks on fine art paper, ready-to-frame! We offer free USPS First Class shipping in the U.S. on orders of 2 or more unframed prints.

For framed prints, 8x10 art prints are set in a frame measuring 12x15 inches on the outside edge and priced at $119. 11x14 art prints are set in a frame measuring 17x21 inches on the outside edge and priced at $139. We offer free Fedex Ground shipping to the 48 contiguous United States on orders of 2 or more framed prints.

Can I personalize my Name Stories® print?

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Yes. When you order your Name Stories® print, you have the option to add a personalized expression that becomes a unique and special part of your Name Story. Your custom text will be printed above the name on your print. For example, common expressions that customers use to personalize their Name Stories® include “A beloved daughter/granddaughter/niece”, “A beloved son/grandson/nephew” or “The best dad/mom/teacher”, a special date, or a full name spelled out First Middle Last. There is a limit of 25 characters for custom text.  

You may also leave this section blank, and the dotted line will continue across the top of the print. This looks great too! It's your choice.

What if I can’t find the name I want?

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If you want a Name Story for a different spelling or a completely new name that is not available in our online catalog, please submit a request using this form We will add your name to our list for creation and notify you if and when it is available.

We typically prioritize creation of new Name Stories® based on current popularity in the U.S. along with requests from customers like you. We currently have almost 4000 names on our website, representing *over 80%* of ALL the babies being born in the U.S. today. The U.S. Social Security Department recorded the use of *32,469* unique given names for babies born last year. That's a lot of Name Stories® to research and write, and we aim to get to them all!

This is a gift. Can I add a personalized gift note and/or gift wrapping?

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A gift message may be included with your order. It will be printed on a packing slip that will be included with your package. Each framed and unframed print is carefully and tastefully packaged, but we do not currently offer the option for special gift wrapping.

 Are discounts available?

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Companies that offer discounts simply build the cost of discounting into the price of their products. We have made a decision to price our products fairly, for everyone. Discounts are for commodities and mass produced items; they are designed to move inventory from stock. NameStories® are made-to-order products, created on-demand for each customer based on the unique details of each order. A small business like ours benefits very little from economies of scale; we also believe discounting devalues the artistry behind one-of-kind products like NameStories®. If you feel your situation is extra special, feel free to send us a message at

Can I order by phone?

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We do not currently offer the option to order by phone. Our online store is the fastest and easiest way to ensure you are satisfied with your order. If you’re having trouble using our online store to place your order, please send us a message and we will be happy to help you.

What payment methods do you accept?

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We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, and Discover. You may also pay using PayPal.

 Do you charge sales tax?

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We are based in California, so California sales tax will apply to orders purchased by customers using a California shipping address. For other states, we follow rules and regulations set by the applicable state tax authorities and sales tax may be applied to purchases as required.

I want to print this myself. Do you offer your prints in a digital file format?

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We don’t currently offer the option for customers to download and print Name Stories®.

How are Name Stories® prints packaged?

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Each unframed print is carefully and tastefully packaged in a rigid cardboard envelope with an extra piece of heavy cardboard backing to protect it from bending or damage while shipping. The print is placed in a protective plastic sheath and includes a card from Name Stories®. 

Framed prints are tastefully and carefully packaged in heavyweight cardboard boxes to prevent damage during shipping.

Carefully and securely packaged for safe shipping, each order is packaged to minimize waste and use of non-renewable resources.

How long does it take to get my order?

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Name Stories® prints and frames are made to order in our facilities Northern California and Oregon.

We aim to create, print, and ship unframed prints within 3 business days. We offer USPS First Class shipping, which typically delivers in the U.S. within 3-5 days from the ship date. You also have the option for Priority Shipping, which typically delivers in the U.S. within 2-3 days.

We normally aim to ship framed prints within 6 business days of receiving your order. Framed prints are shipped via FedEx. Shipping times vary by region, typically arriving within 3-6 days from ship date. 

Custom names and other special requests take extra time, and we will communicate with you about timing. 

You will receive notification with tracking information when your order is ready to ship!

Can I track my order?

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You will receive notifications with order confirmation and shipping information sent to the email address or mobile phone number you entered with your order. When a shipping label is created for your order, you will receive a message with information to track your shipment.

Where do you ship?

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We offer shipping globally for unframed prints, except we do not ship to some countries due to taxes and tariffs. We ship framed prints to destinations in the 48 contiguous states of the United States.

We can arrange to ship framed prints to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, and other international destinations. Please click on the Contact Us link to send us a message with information about your shipping destination along with the number of framed prints and size you want to order.

What is your return policy?

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Name Stories® prints and frames are made to order with a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Please carefully review your order details and contact us immediately to let us know if we need to make any changes. We will print, frame, and ship your order as it was entered if we do not receive a timely message from you providing new instructions.  

We offer the option to return a product for an exchange only in case of a mistake by Name Stories® or a material flaw in the product you receive. If you are not satisfied with the condition of your Name Stories® print, please contact us. If your Name Stories® print was received in a damaged state or with a material flaw that resulted from our error, we will arrange to return and replace it. If you made an error when ordering your Name Story, we typically offer special discounts to order replacements, so please contact us.

How do I cancel or change my order?

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Name Stories® prints and frames are made to order. If you want to change or cancel your order, please contact us immediately. If we have not printed your order or started production, we are typically able to cancel or change your order free of charge.

If we have already printed, framed, or packaged your order but not shipped it, we will be able to cancel or change your order for a fee. The cost will depend on the order details and the fulfillment status of your order.

If we have already shipped your order, you will not be able to change or cancel your order. Please contact us, and we typically offer a special discount to reorder.