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Interesting Name Facts with Julie Hackett

Name Stories and Destiny Numbers

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients came up with a system of converting letters of their alphabet into numerical values in order to calculate and decipher the fundamental nature of a person, a thing or an abstract concept. There are numerical relationships found throughout the ancient world, including the Bible in which the symbolism of numbers is also extensive. 

The featured name in each Name Story is calculated into a numerical value called a “Destiny” number. There are eleven possible Destiny Numbers, #1 through #9, plus Master #11 and 22. The personality traits located at the bottom of Name Stories prints fall into one of the following “types”: 

#1: Pioneer. The Pioneer marches to the beat of his/her own drummer.

Destiny Number 1 - The Pioneer

#2: Diplomat. The balanced and insightful Diplomat knows how to bring people together. 

#3: Enthusiast. The Enthusiast’s spontaneity and general good humor usually attracts a crowd. 

#4: Hard Worker. The reliable and industrious Hard Worker will patiently reach the top. 

#5: Free Spirit. The adventurous Free Spirit easily adapts to life with unbreakable optimism and curiosity. 

#6: Family-oriented. The Family-oriented person can be counted on as the anchor in their relationships: loyal, trustworthy and principled. 

#7: Philosopher. The Philosopher’s innate wisdom and unconventional methods will both enchant and confound you. 

#8: Born Leader. The Born Leader’s ambition, courage and bossy-pants determination is obvious to all. 

#9: Humanitarian. The Humanitarian will use their enterprising mind to fearlessly fight (and win!) great battles on behalf of worthy causes.

#11: Prophet. The Prophet’s inspiring charisma and otherworldly intuition has the power to change the world. 

#22: Master Builder. The Master Builder sees no limits to what he/she can accomplish and is bold and brave enough to make it happen! 

Since the calculation of a Destiny Number always arrives at one of 11 possible numerical results, different names often calculate into the same Destiny Number; therefore, it’s not uncommon for friends and family members to share the same Destiny Number (just like it’s possible for two people to be born under the same “Sun Sign” in astrology). Like astrology, a Destiny Number is not arbitrarily assigned, but it is also not accepted as scientific fact. It is merely meant to add another interesting aspect to the overall essence and energy of one’s name. Plus… it’s just fun!

The interpretation of each Destiny Number described above is just one possibility; we leave the ultimate translation to each individual name bearer. We have painstakingly selected adjectives for each Destiny that are universally positive and aspirational to all. But most of all, we hope you find them to be curiously true!

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