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Interesting Name Facts with Julie Hackett

Names Coined by Shakespeare

Did you know that William Shakespeare is credited with adding literally hundreds of new words to the English language? In many cases, he turned nouns into verbs (like gossip, elbow and friend) he added the "un-" prefix (unaware, undress, unreal), he put words together (bedroom, lackluster) or created funny descriptors "green-eyed" (jealousy) and "wild-goose chase" (a hopeless quest).⁣

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First Names from Occupational Surnames

Back in the day - around the 11th century - as the concentration of given names grew denser, the monarchy needed a way to distinguish among the many Johns, Roberts and Williams in a village - so that he could tax them properly. So, men were given identifiers, one of which was their occupation. That way, everyone knew who John (the) Baker vs. John (the) Miller.

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Currently Inspired by the Name... Martin

Martin Luther King, Jr. would have turned 92 years old this year. Let's take a look at the name Martin, one part warrior, one part saint.

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Name Stories and Destiny Numbers

Thousands of years ago, the Ancients came up with a system of converting letters of their alphabet into numerical values in order to calculate and decipher the fundamental nature of a person, a thing or an abstract concept. There are numerical relationships found throughout the ancient world, including the Bible in which the symbolism of numbers is also extensive. 

The featured name in each Name Story is calculated into a numerical value called a “Destiny” number. There are eleven possible Destiny Numbers, #1 through #9, plus Master #11 and 22. The personality traits located at the bottom of Name Stories prints fall into one of the following “types”: 

#1: Pioneer. The Pioneer marches to...

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Currently Fascinated by the Name... Archie

The name heard around the world. Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor.

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