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Cassius Name Story

Loved it!! My son’s name story came out so perfect. Size, color, customization with his date of birth on top, all excellent!

So adorable

Love this as a gift for my daughter! The quality is amazing. Such a great way to learn the meaning of her name

Nice. my 8th order for my nieces.

This is a gift hope they like it

She loved it!

Great packaging. Delivery. Art. The whole 9.
Cheska said it was the best gift anyone had ever given her. Woot! TY!

David | Name Art Print
Herlinda Vargas

David | Name Art Print

Vincent | Name Art Print
Michelle Floros
Special gift

Purchased this for a new baby which was a very nice keepsake. The new parents especially like the gift.

Lilliana | Name Art Print
Lucia Martucciello

Lilliana | Name Art Print

Rowan (male) | Name Art Print

Unique spelling

I reached out to name stories to ask them to create a name story for my wife who spells her name in a unique way. The team couldn’t have been more helpful. They instructed me on how to submit the request, they sent me a draft of what it would look like, and then let me know when it was on its way. Everything came out perfectly and she is thrilled to finally have some with her name spelled correctly. Thank you so much to the team for creating A lasting memory.


Dixie's parents love the art print we sent them and it matches their nursery perfectly. This is the 5th one I have ordered and gifted new parents. Thank you so much!

Name is Awesome

The website is easy, colors are terrific, history of names, accuracy is AWESOME.


We have purchased one for each of our babies and they are all just so lovely. We have the navy, purple, and teal. They look great with a variety of frames.

Waylon | Name Art Print
Cathy Peterson

I love the name stories for baby gifts

I’m in love

I had a sign made for my daughter for her nursery and I was happy to get one for my son as well. It blends perfectly and just makes a charming added character to the space. I’m happy with the sage light green color that was added for that makes everything in the nursery tie together. Plus, it gives me pride to know where the names of my children come from and the history it led.

Daniel | Name Art Print
kammie pietras
Perfect nursery addition

My son is due in December and I wanted a name he could be proud of. I was so happy this existed so I could hang this up and show him his name has meaning

Vanessa | Name Art Print
Rudolph Pieters

Vanessa | Name Art Print

Benjamin | Name Art Print
Christine Fawls
Name Stories Benjamin

great quality came as wanted

Absolutely PERFECT gift!!

The recipent of the gift had never known the origin of their name which for the last 5 years was the most female name of newborns in America.


Absolutely gorgeous. A gift for my Granddaughter, something she can cherish always. Wonderful service , I will for sure order from this company again.

Weston | Name Art Print
Margaret Byers
Excellent Company!

This is the second time that I have ordered from Name Stories. I am beyond happy with the quality of the product. The packaging ensures that it gets to you in perfect condition. I have shopped around but have found nothing that compares. This is a perfect gift for a new baby, but they are so nice that I really would like one for myself.

For Bodhi's Grandma

I had this sent to the grandma of a 9-year-old named Bodhi. She said her grandson loved it - he was very curious and proud to learn all about his name!


I enjoy giving these as gifts… third or fourth order. Keep up the great work 👍

Loving Name Stories from Iowa

Absolutely love my Name Stories art print. I looked all over the internet for a special name origin print, and by far Name Stories is the best! Thank you so much from eastern Iowa. Highly recommend!

Annette | Name Art Print
Racheal Stewart
A gift with a purpose.

I appreciate the unique story, meaning and rich history behind every name. Also, I like that the quality of paper used for printing is above average. I've been purchasing gifts for about 4 years; and I do think they are well received gifts for any age.

Will | Name Art Print
Kathleen Strzelec

Design & paper were perfect !