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Interesting Name Facts with Julie Hackett

Let's Paws and Reflect: Unleashing the Meaning Behind the Top 10 Dog Names!

Let's Paws and Reflect: Unleashing the Meaning Behind the Top 10 Dog Names!
March 23rd marks a day that brings a smile to dog lovers everywhere: National Puppy Day! As we celebrate the adorable, tail-wagging companions that fill our lives with joy, it's the perfect time to dive into the world of dog names.
Have you ever wondered why certain names seem to be a favorite among pup parents? Join us as we fetch the top 10 most popular dog names and uncover the meaning behind each one.
From classics to quirky choices, these names reveal more than what's on the dog tag – they're a glimpse into the personality and spirit of our beloved furry friends. So, grab a treat, snuggle up with your pup, and let's explore the wonderful world of dog names together!
Let the countdown begin...
10. Bailey: Watch out, we've got a new sheriff in town – and he's a furry, four-legged cutie named Bailey. Coming in at #10 is the name Bailey, which first arose as a medieval occupational surname for a Bailiff. This was the Norman-French word for scirgerefa (Olde English for "sheriff"), what the Anglo-Saxons called a king's officer in charge of the shire. Bailey is a fun and fitting choice for a dog that's always keeping a watchful eye on his territory (your backyard, that is!). Plus, who wouldn't want a furry sheriff to keep the peace and protect their home?

9. Milo: Attention! Private Milo reporting for duty – to fetch sticks and lick faces! The #9 most common dog name is Milo, which comes from Latin miles meaning "soldier." Milo is a great name for a dog known for their loyalty, bravery and protective nature. Who wouldn't want a canine companion with a name that means they're ready to stand by your side through thick and thin?

8. Lucy: A dog named Lucy is no doubt the bright spark in her people's lives, always ready to light up everyday with her wagging tail and radiant energy! Lucy comes from Latin lux meaning "light, radiance, energy". Naming your dog Lucy is a way to express her uplifting presence in your life. It's a name that shines as brightly as her joyful spirit, illuminating your days and bringing warmth to your heart. 

7. Buddy: Naming your dog Buddy, meaning "friend" or "companion," is like giving them a title that perfectly describes their role in your life. It's a name that not only reflects the close bond you share, but also highlights the loyalty and camaraderie that defines your relationship. Scholars are not exactly sure from whence the term arose, but all agree it's mid-19th century American slang, an informal term of address used between men. In the dog dictionary, Buddy is a steadfast companion who stands by your side through thick and thin, bringing joy, laughter and endless tail wags into your life.

6. Coco: Introducing Coco, the canine couture connoisseur and furry fashionista, whose style is as timeless as her love for delectable treats! She likes to be kissed on both sides of her cheeks, please. A name that stands for "elegance and style," Coco is a dog of graceful demeanor and refined taste. She exudes sophistication and charm, and always looks paw-sitively fabulous, whether lounging at home or strutting down the sidewalk. 

5. Charlie: Meet Charlie, the free spirit of the dog park, always chasing butterflies and living life on his own terms! Charlie is a diminutive of Charles, an ancient name of Germanic origin that means "free man," errr, I mean "free dog." This is a great name for the independent and adventurous dog who loves to explore. It's short, easy to say, and has a friendly, approachable sound, making it a perfect fit for our freedom-loving furry companions.

4. Daisy: Everyone's favorite little flower, who doesn't love the Daisy? The name comes from Olde English dæges eage or “day’s eye.” While naming the flower, the early Anglo-Saxons observed how the daisy closed its petals at sunset over its yellow center (the “eye”) only to open them again at dawn, revealing the eye at the light of day (what appeared as a refreshing night’s sleep coined the phrase “fresh as a daisy”). A dog named Daisy no doubt brightens every moment with her sweet and sunny disposition! 

3. Max: Meet Max, he's simply the greatest (from Latin maximus meaning, quite literally, "the greatest"). Max is a four-legged legend in his own backyard, always wagging his tail because he's just won a gold medal in fetch!  It's a name that exudes strength, confidence and a sense of being the best at what they do, whether it's cuddling on the couch or chasing squirrels. It's the ultimate statement. Own it.

2. Luna: Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon (her Greek counterpart was Selene and later Artemis). Does your Luna rule the night with her stellar charm and waggily tail? Luna is fitting for a dog of ethereal beauty and mysterious allure. It's a name that evokes a sense of magic and wonder, much like the moon itself. It is at once elegant and whimsical. The perfect name for the dog who lights up your life like the moon lights up the night sky. 

Drum roll, please... the #1 dog name in America is... 

1. The very "beautiful and charming" Bella! This canine queen will steal hearts wherever she goes with a wag and a woof! Bella brings joy and beauty to your life every day. This name is as charming as the dog who wears it.

Whether your dog goes by Luna, Max, Daisy, or any other delightful name, one thing is clear: our furry companions bring endless joy, laughter and love into our lives. So, next time you call out their name, remember the meaning behind it and cherish the special bond you share.
Here's to our beloved pups, the true stars of our hearts and homes! Happy National Puppy Day!

xo, Julie Hackett, Founder & Chief Storyteller

 Julie with Marigold the Golden RetrieverJulie with Clementine the Golden RetrieverJulie with Penny the Golden Doodle

Julie, the author, with some of her Furry Friends, from left to right: Marigold, Clementine and Penny

(featured image of puppies in the back of the black chevy pickup truck: Photo by Tina Nord

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    Finn is my handsome boy!

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    Don’t have any of the top names, but my Sadie is a winner to me. Thanks!

  • Frank on

    Currently have Lionel, Albert and Pittbull/Bassett Hound Pamela but her rap fans call her P-Mela or The Incredible Bulk.

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    Love this post!

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